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XX Toys R Us August 06, 2020

The Oddest Things To Have Ever Caused An Orgasm

The internet is full of tales of people reaching the big ‘O’ from mushrooms, rollercoasters, and even achieving ‘spectacular’ orgasms while sleeping! We have some of the oddest and strangest ways we’ve heard of people orgasming....
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XX Toys R Us July 06, 2020

Practice Safe Sex - With A Bondage Mask!

One of the hardest parts of lockdown for many of us has been the lack of sexual activity we’ve had to endure and no doubt loneliness has been creeping up on a lot of us around the country over the last few months. ...
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XX Toys R Us June 05, 2020

5 Benefits Of Orgasms

If there was ever a time we needed to reap the benefits of orgasms, it's now. Here's exactly what you stand to gain....
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